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Here is an email received from Carol Sheardown, Director of the Dekpor School Development Organisation:

An exciting thing happened! Linda and Abraham were able to go to the shipper to pick up the 24 boxes of Kids Against Hunger Canada food that you donated to Dekpor School Development Organisation!

138 students at Dekpor Basic School received 6 bags each! These are the absolutely most vulnerable, needy children. For almost all Dekpor families, it is a daily struggle to survive. While we have 125 of the 786 registered Dekpor Basic School students on our food programme, it only feeds them two meals a day, every school day. That means there are a lot of meals that their families are desperately trying to put together on their own.

The post will be live on our Facebook page on Monday (tomorrow), and it would be wonderful if you would share it both on your 'company' pages and personal ones. We really want everyone involved in the giving of this food to KNOW that Dekpor School Development Organisation is truly grateful!
Please, if you see that I've missed someone who should have received this message, forward it to them!

I've attached one photo...the rest are on Facebook and will appear on our website once our webmaster is able to update it.

Thank you, thank you!


Carol Sheardown
Dekpor School Development Organisation
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