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# Name Phone
1 Kids Against Hunger Canada 705-536-0957 or 1-888-883-KAHC (5242)
2 Kids Against Hunger Bowmanville, Ontario 1-888-883-KAHC (5242)
3 Kids Against Hunger Burnaby, British Columbia 1-888-883-KAHC (5242)
4 Kids Against Hunger Mississauga, Ontario 1-888-883-KAHC (5242)
5 Kids Against Hunger North Bay, Ontario 1-888-883-KAHC (5242)
6 Kids Against Hunger Peterborough, Ontario 705-876-1547

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KAH Canada on TV
EA Games Food Packaging Event
KAH Food Package
food-bag-1Our revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings for only 34 cents per serving.

Proud to be partners with TenFed.  For every item sold 10 meals will be provided for hungry and starving children.


Kids Against Hunger Canada
PO Box 212

Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6Y8
Phone: 705-536-0957 or 1-888-883-KAHC (5242)